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Case Report


Gaurav Pathania, Saurabh Mohakuda, Yadvendra Sirohi

Abstract :

Autoimmune encephalitis is a potentially fatal autoimmune syndrome. Here we report a case of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) antibody encephalitis in which there is antibody production against the NMDAR causing profound dysregulation of neurotransmission. The syndrome is frequently associated with ovarian teratomas and women are disproportionately affected. Patients most often present with a constellation of neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms, including memory loss, hallucinations, and decreased level of consciousness. This condition is lethal if left untreated. Immunotherapy and surgical resection of the culprit malignancy often results in the rapid resolution of symptoms. Acute encephalitis is a debilitating neurological disorder that develops as a rapidly progressive encephalopathy (usually in less than 6 weeks) caused by ain inflammation. Various syndromes of autoimmune encephalitis have been described with advent of newer biomarkers. The clinical syndrome comprises of cognitive disturbances, mood/ personality changes, seizures and movement disorders. Annual incidence 1/100000 in northern Europe. India has not been studied separately.

Keywords :

Encephalitis   Autoimmune Encephalitis   Fatal Autoimmune Syndrome   Immunotherapy   Clinical Syndrome  

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A CASE OF AUTOIMMUNE ENCEPHALITIS- A CASE REPORT, Gaurav Pathania, Saurabh Mohakuda, Yadvendra Sirohi, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-2 | Issue-4 | July-2018

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