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Role Of Ultrasonography In Urinary Tract

Maajid Mohi Ud Din Malik, Dr. L K Gothecha, Dr. Anand Prakash Verma, Adil Raza

Abstract :

BACKGROUND The urinary tract cases are the common cases found, which are likely to found more in male then female. Ultrasonography (US) is an important modality for imaging these cases. Ultrasonography (US) is fast and painless imaging modality for the rapid diagnosis of urinary tract diseases. OBJECTIVES-To determine the sensitivity and specificity of ultrasonography in evaluation of urinary tract diseases.To determine the localization and the common age group exposed to urinary tract diseases. METHODS- A retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted reviewing 100 patients request and reports that had USG abdomen scan with a period of 3 months from Feuary to April 2019. The information obtained was recorded on a self-designed data capture sheet. Data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2010.RESULTS-A total of one hundred (100) patients of the age range of 18-80 were referred for USG scan of the abdomen to the department of radio diagnosis with a clinical suspicion of urinary tract diseases. Fifty four (55) of the patients were males while Fourty five (45) were females .Majority of the patients that fall within the age group with the highest patients i.e. 18 -30 years.Out of 100 patients 33 patients declared normal, 39 patients diagnosed with single disease, 16 patients were diagnosed with two diseases and 12 patients were diagnosed with multiple diseases in urinary tract. CONCLUSION-Renal ultrasonography (US) is a versatile and useful examination. Ultrasonography (US) is an accessible, inexpensive and fast aid for decision-making in patients with urinary or renal symptoms and for guidance in renal intervention. However, renal ultrasonography (US) has certain limitations, should always be considered as supplementary imaging modalities in the assessment of renal or urinary tract disease.

Keywords :

Urinary Tract   Ultrasonography   Usg Abdomen Scan   Renal Ultrasonography  

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ROLE OF ULTRASONOGRAPHY IN URINARY TRACT, Maajid Mohi Ud din Malik, Dr. L K Gothecha, Dr. Anand Prakash Verma, Adil Raza, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-3 | Issue-4 | July-2019

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