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International Journal of Advanced Medicine (IJAM)


Name :- Dr.Jamal Al Zahrani
Designation :- Division head, Consultant, Family medicine
Address :- Imam Abdurhman Bin Faisal Hospital, Ministry of National Guard, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Email :- jamalalzahrani@aol.com


Name :- Dr.MohammadAyoob Lone
Designation :- Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Address :- College of Medicine, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Email :- mohammadayoob2542@hotmail.com

Name :- Abdullah K. Al-Hwiesh
Designation :- Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Address :- Nephrology Division, King Fahd Hospital of the University, University of Dammam Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia ,
Email :- abdulah2542@rediffmail.com

Designation :- Assistant Neuromedicine. Department of Internal Medicine - Neurology unit
Address :- College of Medicine Aliraqia University. Baghdad, Iraq
Email :- husseinahmed2542@yahoo.com

Name :- Qutayba Hamid
Designation :- Dean
Address :- University of Sharjah
Email :- Qutayba101@hotmail.com

Name :- Sami Shihab,
Designation :- Baghdad Teaching Hospita ,
Address :- college of Medicine, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq ,
Email :- samishihab@outlook.com

Name :- Dr.AbdulSattar Khan
Designation :- Head & Assistant Professor
Address :- Family Medicine Department, Medical Faculty, King Faisal University Ahsaa, Saudi Arabia
Email :- abduls2542@gmail.com

Name :- Dr. FatemahFahad Al-Senayin
Designation :- Department of Family Medicine, King Abdulaziz Hospital
Address :- National Guard Health Authority, Eastern Region, P.O.Box 66015 Al Ahsa 31982, Saudi Arabia
Email :- fatemah101@yahoo.com

Name :- Dr. Prasanna Kumar Satpathy
Designation :- Professor, Department of Medicine
Address :- Dr D Y Patil Medical College and Hospital, Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra, India ,
Email :- kumarpr2542@gmail.com

Name :- Dr. Sawsan Ahmed Omer
Designation :- Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Address :- University of Gezira, Consultant Physician, Wad-Medani Teaching Hospital, Sudan
Email :- sawsan101@yahoo.com

Name :- Ellen Stobberingh,
Designation :- Department of Infectious Diseases, Municipal Public Health Service ,
Address :- Schiedamsedijk 95, 3011 EN Rotterdam, The Netherlands ,
Email :- stobberingh@aol.com

Name :- HanadiMaatouqAlhozali
Designation :- Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
Address :- Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Email :- maatouq101@outlook.com

Name :- Jan Hendrik Richardus,
Designation :- Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC ,
Address :- University Medical Center Rotterdam P.O. Box 2040, 3000 CA Rotterdam, The Netherlands ,
Email :- hendrik2542@hotmail.com

Name :- Dr. SomiyaGutbiSalim Mohammed,
Designation :- Associate professor, Department of Epidemiology ,
Address :- College of Public & Environmental Health, University of Bahri, Khartoum North, Sudan ,
Email :- somiya101@yahoo.com

Name :- Dr.MuhammedWaheeb Salman Al.Obaidy,
Designation :- Assistant Professor ,
Address :- College of Medicine-University of Baghdad Assistant Professor at college of Medicine- University of Baghdad ,
Email :- muhammed2542@outlook.com

Name :- AbdelhakamGamarTamomh,
Designation :- Assistant professor of Medical Parasitology ,
Address :- Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medical Laboratories Sciences, El Imam El Mahdi University, Sudan ,
Email :- abdelhakam2542@gmail.com

Designation :- MD Department of Emergency Medicine ,
Address :- SisliHamidiyeEtfal Training and Research Hospital, ŞisliHamidiyeEtfal EAH 19 mayısMah. SisliEtfalSok. Sisli, İstanbul, Turkey ,
Email :- karakusyi101@gmail.com

Name :- Editor
Designation :- designation
Address :- Address
Email :- rdito@gmail.com

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